short film (miniDV, 9:11 min)
two solo LPs (25:46 min, 34:36 min)
Riso prints, multi-spectral glasses
various performances 

‘Violet’ short film
The color violet, which lies between blue and the invisible ultraviolet, is often ascribed a mystical quality. It is precisely this quality that Fehr addresses in the cross-media work cycle Violet.

An experimental short film made in collaboration with filmmaker Alex Brack features whimsical figures that seem to have fallen out of time. These figures, embodied by Fehr himself, move through spaces reminiscent of dream worlds. Following this logic, the film is interspersed with enigmatic fragments of music and text that create further levels of interpolation. 

These fragments come from two music albums that pay homage to Eastern devotional music (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kishori Amonkar, Alice Coltrane's late work) and were released in 2020 on the Berlin label Martin Hossbach.

LP, 25:46 min
LP, 34:36 min
Video stills
In various accompanying performances, Fehr uses deliberate scenographic interventions and audience interactions to create experiential spaces in which a multi-layered narrative web can unfold.

Various performance stills
  • SWR Art’s Birthday, E-WERK Freiburg
  • Sägezahn XI, Schauspielhaus Wien (AT)
  • Every Bone and Muscle, Bar Babette Berlin
  • Berlintouch IV, Kesselhaus Berlin
  • Feine Klinke, Merlin Stuttgart
  • ZKM Karlsruhe Klangkubus
  • Sommerrundgang, HfG Karlsruhe
  • Porzellan Bar, MONOM Bar
  • Kepler 452b Festival, Funkhaus Saal 2
  • Feÿ Arts Festival (FR) with Niklas Blomberg
  • Poglos (POL)
  • Kablys (LT)
  • Klub Depot (LV)