• Pouring Light From A Jar
  • 2024
  • corner.company

7-song digital EP (22:55 min), 8-song cassette (37:00 min), 16-page zine, live performances

Cover artworks and cassette design
Pouring Light From A Jar is the name of the debut EP by Fehr’s newly founded band Group Hug. It contains eight songs written by Fehr during the first lockdown in Berlin after having caught one the last flights back from Los Angeles. Referencing the Laurel Canyon music scene of the 60s and 70s in both style, content,  and production process, Pouring Light From A Jar counterbalances themes of longing, nostalgia, and unrequited love with a serene and often humorous lightness. Fehr recorded the songs the old-fashioned way, recording a full band directly onto tape, later overdubbing vocals, strings, and woodwinds. 

Digital release
The EP was released digitally and on cassette via the Berlin label corner.company, accompanied by a 16-page zine in the style of a teenage diary containing lyrics and watercolor drawings by Fehr. 

Zine (16 A5 pages)

Music videos for ‘Laurel Canyon’ and ‘Nothing Serious’ shot and edited by Paula Breuer
Laurel Canyon lyricsThere is a house 
Up on a hill
Somewhere in Laurel Canyon
And it keeps appearing in my dreams

I go inside
What do I find?              
An echo of an old love
Whispering sweet nothings

And if I ever could rewind
Maybe tonight
‘Cause time, it Einsteins by
Under the blue sky
Under the blue sky

There is a girl 
Looks just like you
Except she’s missing that tattoo  
I gave you      

I hear her sing 
Wild Mountain Thyme
And in the refrain 
I join an octave higher

And yes, I still miss her
But most of all I miss myself
When time, it Einsteins by
Under the blue sky
Under the blue sky

You’re the raindrops 
Rriveting off my bedroom window
While I like awake inside
Analyzing your secret cadence

Decrypting your holy rhythm
While the moon shows 
Its thin white lip
And it is late and I wish 
Only to dream of you

Custom textile banner designed by Diane Esnault (photo credit: Sabine Banner)