Miracle Impromptu
FLUC Vienna

score for A/V live performance (55:00 min)
billboard prints
mixtape (33:43 min)

The audiovisual live performance Miracle Impromptu  took place on June 20th 2023 during summer solstice at FLUC Vienna as part of the exhibition series Sleepy Politics Part II [ A dream(e)scape night on communal rest and deliberating laziness ], curated by Francesca Romana and Lotti Bockmann.
It mixed together Fehr’s own compositions, traditional lullabies sung in German, voice memo recordings of dreams, recordings of Fehr talking and singing in his sleep, as well as anecdotes on the mythology of sleep. The audience was encouraged to lie on inflatable mattresses facing a screen opposite the stage, where archival footage and a two-channel live video feed with realtime effects was being projected.
Performance (photo credit: Aleksandra Kwen)
While the performance happened in the subterranean venue of FLUC, a largescale, two-piece billboard was mounted on the buildings facade facing one of the most highly frequented roads for six weeks. And When I Looked, The Moon Had Turned To Gold is a digital collage that juxtaposes freely accessible NASA images of the moon with biographical imagery of the artist. 

And When I Looked, The Moon Had Turned To Gold
billboard print (left side), 566 x 170cm

And When I Looked, The Moon Had Turned To Gold
billboard print (right side), 410 x 237cm

Installation view during opening tour with curators Francesca Romana and Lotti Bockmann

A QR code on the image linked to the audio mixtape Miracle Impromptu (or: How To Awaken The Dormant Potential Of Sleep Within You In Less Than One Hour)  (33:43 min), which contained excerpts of the live performance.