Nicolas Fehr is an artist, composer, and performer working at the nexus of experimental pop, performance, and media art.

After growing up in Connecticut, USA, Fehr moved to Germany in his teens and went on to study media arts, scenography (HfG Karlsruhe) and fine arts (HfK Bremen). Characterized by his aesthetic versatility, he uses alter-egos and interdisciplinary concepts to explore a variety of political and personal, philosophical and profane themes. Music compositions and songs often form the backbone of his cross-media works.

Apart from his solo work, Fehr is the singer of off-pop band ooi (Majestic/Kitsuné) and a sought after composer-performer, frequently collaborating with performing arts groups (Yotam Peled & the Free Radicals, Haptic Hide) and musicians (Jungstötter, Ilgen-Nur, Finn Ronsdorf).

Selected Work

Movements That Are Hard To Replicate, 2021-22
Video (5’11”), various textiles, copper pipes, wood, wire rope hoist, hoop skirt, costume pieces, dadamachines, cembalo, posters, performance (15’)
Weserburg Museum of Modern Art Bremen, Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe-Ettlingen

Violet, 2018-20
Experimental short film (10’), two solo albums (25', 35'), Riso prints, multi-spectral glasses, various performances
Art’s Birthday Freiburg, Schauspielhaus Wien (AT), Bar Babette, Kesselhaus Berlin, ZKM Karlsruhe Klangkubus, HfG Karlsruhe, Feÿ Arts Festival (FR), Poglos (POL), Kablys (LT), Klub Depot (LV)

Bululú, 2017-18
4K-video and 6-channel audio loop (45’), line drawings, embroidered hoodies, aloe arborescens, PVC foil, various lights, harmonium
Soeht7 Berlin, Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe-Durlach

Upcoming dates

15.07.2022 single release ooi Ivory Majestic Casual Records
20.-22.08.2022 dance (live performance) Marie Hanna Klemm Moritz tba, Berlin
26.08.2022 single release ooi I Wanna Die Majestic Casual Records
03.-04.09.2022 installation/performance Nicolas Fehr Frau Tod im Archipelago Brücke Museum, Berlin
17.-18.09.2022 dance (live performance) Yotam Peled HEIMAT Hošek Contemporary, Berlin
07.10.2022 album release ooi Good Luck Charms Majestic Casual Records
04.-06.11.2022 dance (live performance) goplastic Mind The Rage LOFFT, Leipzig
25.-26.11.2022 dance (live performance) goplastic Mind The Rage Festspielhaus, Hellerau

Music and Socials

nicolas fehr bandcamp / soundcloud / spotify / apple music / youtube / instagram
ooi web / bandcamp / youtube / instagram


Portrait above taken by Letizia Guel.