Galerie Anton Janizewski

score for stereo audio, modified pendulum clock, one lightbulb, three solenoids (15:58 min)

live performance for four voices and cello (15 min) 

pitching machine, costume pieces, textiles, drawings, polyurethane, Riso/lenticular/canvas prints, photographs, motors

‘Hyperdusk’  documentation video
On the occasion of the solo presentation Hyperdusk at the Anton Janizewski Gallery, a web of polyphonic storylines arises, oscillating as artistically installed auto-fictions on the threshold between real and non-real, dead and alive. 

Based on socio-cultural ideas of birth and death between tradition and fantasy - the cycle of all life - the multimedia presentation entitled Hyperdusk transforms the tale of a near-death experience into an  on identity constructions in close connection to cultural aesthetics: Through sculptural objects, delicate drawings and performative as well as musical interventions that transgress into relics of an artistic investigation in the course of the exhibition, a multi-layered space for reflection emerges that begins to fill with threshold experiences as well as forms of superstition and their pop-cultural further developments. 

Typical of Nicolas Fehr's artistic practice, biographical as well as imagined realities are interwoven into an auto-fictional narrative, which escalates into a polyphonic, artistic investigation. In Nicolas Fehr's Hyperdusk, performance, baseball and sound-based object art truly collide.
Text: Anna Wlach
The exhibition was activated by a performance for four voices and cello. It featured folk songs sung in Icelandic, Basque, Swiss German, and Slovakian, an original arrangement of Benjamin Britten’s Corpus Christi Carol, the classic Tin Pan Alley song Take Me Out To The Ballgame, and three of Fehr’s own compositions. It also involved a restaging of an infamous incident in which a bird was hit by a pitch during a baseball game. Watch the full performance documentation here


Installation views and perfomance stills (photo credit: Peter Oliver Wolff / video stills: Ethan Folk)