Soeht7 Berlin
Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe-Durlach

three-channel video and six-channel audio (HD, 45:00 min), line drawings, embroidered hoodies, aloe arborescens, PVC foil, various lights, harmonium, fog machine, guitar amplifier, bed

In the cross-media installation Bululú, a former women's prison in Berlin is occupied by a multi-channel film and sound work.  In the main hall, a fictional documentary film is shown, depicting episodes from the lives of Fehr's various alter-egos. In four differently furnished prison cells, each character is given their own space for expression through sound, visual art, and text. Each cell has its own loudspeaker, which together create a six-channel sound composition that runs in sync with the film. Where otherwise prison cells stand for demarcation and punishment, here the cells become instruments of an orchestra that complement each other in their interplay without losing their own identity.

Video stills
Installation views
Director, Producer, Editor: Nicolas Fehr
Principal Cinematography: Nicolai Mehring, Jan Urbiks
Additional Cinematography: Alex Brack, Martina Vladimirova
Sound Recording: Enyang Urbiks, Victoria Petrova, Bárbara Acevedo-Strange
Co-Starring: Madhuri Chattopadhyay, Monika Maria Ullemeyer, Maria Ivanova, Iveta Dimitrova
Music: Nicolas Fehr
Further Assistance: Omer Fast, Barbará Acevedo-Strange, Eva Tatjana Stürmer, Simon Knebl, Moritz Fehr
Photography: Robert Hamacher