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// 20/05/2019 // spring //

first update in a while - more active on instagram these days. here's what happened:
  • spent the winter in athens, tarifa, munich, and berlin. debut solo album, new [...] material and some other goodies in the works and soon to see the light of day.
  • performed an original set of john cage-inspired music in collaboration with david morrow for paula rosolen's 100:100 merce cunningham hommage, an open-air performance with 50 dancers at the museum für angewandte kunst frankfurt
  • performed another rendition of last year's punk‽ dance performance at the theatertage kassel

  • upcoming live dates:

    • punk‽ at BE festival in birmingham, uk

    • [...] at ms dockville festival in hamburg, germany

    • residency and performance with niklas blomberg at feÿ arts festival in château du feÿ, france

    • germany tour with [...] in october and november

// 23/09/2018 // update //

  • played some amazing shows with [...], you can check out some photos of that and our latest artworks over on our insta @ooificial. next single dropping this tuesday so stay tuned.

  • solo performance as nicki das Ωrakel at the schauspielhaus in vienna on the 27th. that was not a full sentence, i know.

  • made a music video for jungstötter's first single "wound wrapped in song", watch it here. special thanks to ingrid elisabeth, sophie, rianne, michel, and fabi!

  • my recent interest in birds, especially the migrating type, has led me to believe that i, too, must fly south this winter. drop me a line if you're in athens or andalusia this winter and would like to go bird-watching.

• 23/08/2018: lots of september performances! nicki das Ωrakel at schauspielhaus wien (AT), frau tod and louise monarch berlin with holy motors (EST), six shows with [...] in munich, fürstenfeldbruck, stuttgart, berlin, and two surprise shows, two shows with jungstötter in cologne and vienna. thanks to everyone who came to Ωrakel's debut show at bar babette! photo: micki rosi richter

• 06/08/2018: performing live as nicki das Ωrakel as part of "every body and muscle" exhibition at bar babette in berlin on the 14th of august. also shooting two music videos for jungstötter and acting out my role as double agent with [...] for five live shows in september. shout out to micki rosi richter for the photo and thanks to everyone who came to my performance in karlsruhe last month, it was magical.

• 26/05/2018: composing music for and performing live in paula rosolen's new dance piece punk at mousonturm, frankfurt am main in june 2018!

• 26/04/2018: very grateful to have received a scholarship from musicboard berlin!

• 21/04/2018: performing with jungstötter in berlin, stade, and munich

• 25/03/2018: in the studio with [...], day and night, planning live-shows and releases for the summer

• 17/03/2018: filmic installation
le mat on show at orgelfabrik, karlsruhe until april 1st

• 17/03/2018: impressions from mooons' solo performance "heaven itself" for kepler 452b festival at studio 2, funkhaus, berlin.

photos by Yam Vignola