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Der Grüne Kakadu

2016, Theatre performance, 7-track EP

"The marvellous Nicolas Fehr celebrates the excellence of decadence; a delicate androgynous being, a dangerously fragile voice, an arcane black bird perched on a love-swing — the orgasm of the evening." ~ Mottinger's Meinung

Der Grüne Kakadu by Arthur Schnitzler at Schauspielhaus Wien, Austria.

Director: Lucia Bihler
Costume & Stage: Josa Marx
Music: Jacob Suske & Nicolas Fehr
Lyrics: Bernhard Studlar & Nicolas Fehr
Performers: Simon Bauer, Nicolas Fehr, Vera von Gunten, Jesse Inman, Steffen Link, Sophia Löffler, Vassilissa Reznikoff, Kara Schröder
Photography by Lupi Spuma.

Online release of 7-track soundtrack Baby Blue Blood EP:

soon baby blue blood will fill the room / and we'll go bathe in it till we're noble, too

if you're looking for truth / pull out your wisdom tooth

there are a lot of things i'd like to know / why am i perched on a swing / what makes me want to sing to you?

these puppy eyes / flexible thighs / long for love / but fall for lies

it’s in the way that i shake, yea / off my dollar bill skin shittin golden chains
i got madonna fame / i got kilogram cocaine / i’m the highest of all / and my heels are the same

Further press voices:

Schnitzler has never been this wild and colourful. (...) And the the best thing about it is the morbid cupid strapped into dangerously high platform shoes, sitting on a black swing while he whispers revolutionary slogans into his microphone. ~ Die Presse

Like a death bird, every now and then an androgynous singer rises up onto his over-knee platform shoes and gorgeously exhales his sorrow. ~ Der Standard

With his singing, Nicolas Fehr (...) weaves together all the exciting events that take place inside the Green Cockadoo, creating a party panorama. (...) CD purchase hereby recommended. ~ Nachtkritik