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nicolas peter benedikt fehr (* 1989 in frankfurt am main) is an artist and musician based in berlin.

while always rooted in the realm of music, fehr’s multi-dimensional and immersive approach to storytelling extends into film, performance, installation, poetry, and visual art. a special interest in the nature of consciousness, the subversive potential of pop culture, and spirituality in the digital age informs his ambiguous, often surreal and romantic practice.

after growing up in the suburbs of new york, hamburg, and frankfurt, fehr studied media arts and scenography at the university for arts and design karlsruhe as well as philosophy and art history at the karl ruprechts university heidelberg. he has composed music for, sung, and performed in various solo and collaborative music, film, and theatre productions, as well as producing and acting in a number of films and site-specific installations.

cover photo by robert hamacher
portrait by felix gerhards